SFAS Social Media Credential Application (adapted from the NASA Application)

Dec 27, 2018

SFAS Social Media Credential Application (adapted from the NASA Application) Top of Form SFAS's social media engagement goal is to gain maximum exposure for the work of the Society. Credentialed social media members are defined as those who are actively engaged in the pursuit of information distribution in a professional manner about the space program or other SFAS activities. SFAS Social Media Credential Criteria At designated events, SFAS will provide social media credentials to social networking users who will actively collect, report, analyze and disseminate SFAS news and information on digital media platforms. Spaces are filled by applicants that best…

The LA&OCAS 25th Anniversary Gala

Dec 27, 2018

We Came, We Saw, We Were Impressed or How The Other Half Lives. By David Hicks It’s a bit inaccurate to reference the Los Angeles & Orange County Audio Society as the other half.  A more accurate reference would be to call them the other 10/11ths.  With more than 2400 members they have over ten times as many members as are counted in our own SFAS.  Their ever-expanding membership total has Robert H. Levi, their President, and CEO, proudly proclaiming their audiophile society as the World’s largest.  And, while we are happy to get around forty members to attend some…

Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2018 – Write Up by Kevin Olson

Nov 29, 2018

My wife, Karen, and I attended this years’ Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver. Our first stop was at Kyron Audio. Kyron Audio hails from Australia and they make loudspeakers that are similar in design to Linkwitz Labs Orion, but very modern in look. They use active crossovers and amplify each driver. This is an open baffle design. The sound is dynamic, natural and very inviting. Sound staging is superb. Our next major stop was at Vandersteen Audio. They were showing with VTL electronics. Richard displayed the Vandersteen Model Sevens with subwoofers and as is the norm with Vandersteen rooms,…

Jana Dagdagan Pays a Visit, by David Hicks

Nov 26, 2018

Jana Dagdagan was on The West Coast.  She had asked Michael Fremer if he knew anyone out in the San Francisco Bay Area who had a “vintage system” that she could video record for her EarSpace YouTube channel (  Jana is probably most famously known from her time as a writer for Stereophile as well as the creator of the Stereophile YouTube channel.  The full story of her departure in 2018 can be found online in numerous blogs by everyone who thought her dismissal by the magazines new owners was a loss for Stereophile and the industry as a whole,…

One Reason Streaming Doesn’t Sound As Good As The Source Material

Nov 04, 2018

A very interesting article on the Roon Labs Community forum (Roon Labs) discussed a "watermark" added by Universal Music Group (UMG) and the watermark affects the sound quality of the music being streamed.  UMG makes up approximately 25% of the content in online catalogs and its labels include Interscope, The Island Def Jam, Universal Republic, Verve, GRP, Impulse!, Decca, Deutsche Grammophon, Geffen, etc.  UMG uses the watermark for copyright enforcement.  According to the post by Matt Montag, a software engineer at Spotify (mattmontag): "UMG uses a spread spectrum watermark, a technique explained in detail in this Microsoft research paper. The watermark scheme modulates the total energy…

QoBuz by David Hicks

Sep 28, 2018

High-resolution audio is generally defined as music files that have a higher sampling frequency and/or bit depth than that of Compact Disc Digital Audio, which is specified at 16 bit/44.1 kHz.    The directors of the SFAS have been given early access to Qobuz (pronounced Co-buz) Sublime+ service so that we could experience the World’s highest resolution streaming service.  My early listening sessions have all been positive as far as the sound quality is concerned. But then, I prefer to listen to my music played back at a higher resolution even when the music I'm listening to is being streamed. …

Copper Weights for Headshells, by Joe Hakim

Sep 20, 2018

If you are into vinyl playback, it's likely you will eventually run into the need for a headshell weight to improve the low frequency resonance point of your tonearm/cartridge combination. For those of you not familiar with this mechanism, a brief primer is presented below. In vinyl playback systems (TTs), the tonearm + cartridge acts as a sprung mechanical system with a given natural resonant frequency. The "springiness" of the system and resultant resonant frequency depends on the effective mass of the tonearm, weight of the cartridge (+ mounting hardware), and the compliance of the cartridge. The compliance of a cartridge is defined as the amount of…

Example Newsletter

Sep 06, 2018


A Memorial Tribute in Words for Wesla Whitfield, by Russ Button

May 16, 2018

As a member of the San Francisco Audiophile Society, you live for the sheer beauty and loveliness of great music.   We hope that our audio systems bring back to life musical magic.   We sit spellbound reveling in the clarity and detail a great system can reveal. Last Friday, Feb 8th, we lost one of the finest interpreters of the Great American Song when Welsa Whitfield passed on.    For the last 35 years or so she has been enthralling audiences in San Francisco, the Algonquin room in New York and everywhere in between. Many audiophiles have a fondness for Diana…

A message from the President

Aug 20, 2017

A message from the President Greetings to all SFAS members, My life has been a bit upside down these last few months. Forgive me for dropping off the face of the earth (and big cheers to our remarkable SFAS board of Directors who picked up the ball and have been doing a fantastic job keeping it all going in my absence. I have spent many days in the hospital since my major ten pound spleen-removal surgery in March. Just having recovered from that first ordeal, last week a threesome of tiny clots were found in my brain which created three…