Vinyl Renaissance Continues

Jun 03, 2015

If you're wondering if the resurgence of analog is a fad, consider that new pressing plants are popping up all over the world. One of many recent articles point to the strength of this re-emerging market: Click here. Aside from the articles in the press, our entire team of SFAS Directors just returned from the big show in Newport. There were high-end turntables everywhere, some with the highest drool-factor I've ever experienced. The photo is a teaser for now –– a glimpse at a $150,000 record player, which weighed about 500lbs and looked more like a spaceship! Stay tuned for…

Super Tweeters You Can’t Buy

May 15, 2015

As a wild, flailing thrust into the 21st Century, your SFAS Leadership Team has embraced social media. Hoping to live up to the lofty moniker "Super Tweeters," our courageous band of directors are braving the learning curve to bring you live, on-the-ground posts from important audio events via Twitter. We're starting our initiation this evening with the second SFAS Concert at SFJAZZ with the Carolina Chocolate Drops, followed closely by the two California Audio Shows, in Newport at the end of this month, and CAS6 in the Bay Area in August. Want to join us in the excitement tonight? Point…

SFAS Concert Series #2: Attendee Comments on The Carolina Chocolate Drops

Apr 03, 2015

This, our second concert with SFjazz, will be a lot of musical fun for our members!  Join us on Friday, May 15, 2015 for an evening concert with the Grammy-Award Winning band, the Carolina Chocolate Drops – an exuberant and talented Appalachian string ensemble putting out some of the best Bluesy/Bluegrassy/Rootsy/Irishy and down-home fun music I’ve heard. And just in case you missed it on last month's Updates email, here's a primer on these wonderful artists: Carolina Chocolate Drops This southern string ensemble is hard to classify. With such a wide musical repertoire, it’s hard to know how to present their unique sound. Are they…

The Return of The Album

Mar 30, 2015

Our upcoming analogue event on April 18th is well-timed to reflect the changing habits of music-lovers away from listening to single after single on a shuffle setting on a smart device, to the experience of hearing an entire album from beginning to end and really feeling the artist's intention for the album. This article from The Verge, is welcome news for those of us who can remember putting a newly purchased record album on Dad's Hi-Fi and sitting on the floor reading the liner notes with much excitement and anticipation of the music that lies within. Click on the image…

Results of 2014 Member Survey

Feb 26, 2015

SUMMARY RESULTS of SFAS 2014 MEMBER SURVEY By Dan Rubin ABOUT THE SURVEY Invitation and link to survey mailed to all membership on October 30, 2014 Follow up to non-respondents on November 4 As of December 1, 142 people completed the survey (n=142) This document covers most but not all questions in the survey Selected verbatim remarks from the comments boxes are shown The full text of the survey appears as an Appendix at the end of this summary  MEMBER KEY DATA Members Are Older Men Who’ve Been At This Awhile (Q2, Q3) One woman completed the survey 76% of members…

SFAS & SFJazz in Stereophile!

Feb 09, 2015

This is so exciting. Only minutes ago, Jason Victor Serinus's article on the SFAS/SFJazz collaboration was posted on! Click on the image of our logos to read the article online (Jason mentioned that if this piece is chosen to be included in the print version of Stereophile, it would be a few months before we would see it in the magazine). I'm working with the directors of SFJazz to firm up our next offering, so if you couldn't get a spot in this first show and reception, please stay tuned for more! In case you missed the original announcement on…

This Might Make You Shed a Tear or Two…

Feb 05, 2015

Music has its way with me... I can't help it. Even an online video of a stellar performance heard through computer speakers can get me glassy-eyed. Early this morning, this did it. Thanks to Bob Walters for sending this over. ~Alón  

Is This The Future of Vacuum Tubes?

Jan 31, 2015

This is very exciting: A few days ago, at the 2015 National Association of Music Merchants show in Southern California (NAMM) , Korg and Noritake introduced the Nutube, a new miniaturized and high performance vacuum tube. It is said to offer improved reliability and efficiency, while still generating the same rich harmonics which vacuum tubes are known for. If this revolutionary design proves as ingenious as it looks, and sounds similar or better than the hot, inefficient tubes we've been using in our electronics for decades, this could be the biggest, game-changing audio news in a long time. Read more, here.

Alón’s Video Vault: MBL

Dec 05, 2014

This MBL promotional Video is just great. A very classy and entertaining way of delivering the message that with very high resolution audio systems, you'll hear details you simply cannot hear amidst the strident aural grunge of lesser systems. The guys over at MBL in Germany sure know their audience! Thanks go out to SFAS member Larry for sharing this smile-inducing video with us! Click image to watch. Enjoy!

How Loudspeakers Work

Dec 01, 2014

This may be the best visual animated representation of the (amazing) process of re-creating music with, in this example, cone speakers. This is a great learning tool for those new to the hobby, as well as veterans like me, who welcome a quick refresher. This is done very well and worth a look!