Jay Selwitz

As Treasurer and CFO, Jay brings a wealth of experience to the SFAS Leadership team, and we feel fortunate to have him . Read on as Jay shares his audiophile and musical roots:

“My parents were not audiophiles.  But as far back as I can remember, music in our household constantly flowed through tube equipment and hybrid electrostatic speakers.  Growing up,  I was lucky to hear the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra many times in Heinz Hall.  In high school, my music of choice became electric, and my instrument was a black Telecaster (I still have it!).  Of course I played through a tube amp because of the rich tone.  How could I not become an audiophile?

Recently I came across a black and white photo of my teenage bedroom, shelves loaded with Hi-Fi equipment.  I had a Dual turntable, Shure phono cartridge, Sony reel-to-reel tape deck, H.H. Scott integrated amplifier, Dynaco tuner, and Dynaco speakers.  I also remember listening to uncomfortable Koss electrostatic headphones.  My daughter took a look at the photo, shook her head, and said, “This explains a lot.  You haven’t changed!”

She’s right.  By the end of college, all of those components had been upgraded, most more than once (though now I wish I had kept that old Thorens turntable).

I’ve always enjoyed classical, rock, and jazz on vinyl, with jazz my favorite, and though I think records are a bit more fun, I don’t have any problems with digital.  If fact, when I listen to classical it is more likely to be digital.  When playing music I don’t worry about moving back and forth between different media and recently I’ve also been enjoying Roon and Tidal.  I continue to enjoy the tube magic, but my vintage power amp can be a challenge on hot summer days.  

I’ve been a member of BAAS / SFAS for some time but didn’t attend many events until a couple of years ago when Alón rejuvenated the group.   When Alón put out the call for assistance, I asked if there was anything I could do to help out, and before I knew it I became the new Treasurer and Director of Finance.  I’m really looking forward to my new role!

And that old high school system that got things started?   Some of those pieces are still out in my shed.  It might be fun to see whether I can get that ancient stuff working again!”

San Francisco Audiophile Society

San Francisco Audiophile Society