JIm Forte

I am honored to be invited to join the leadership team of the SFAS. I joined the earlier incarnation (BAAS) about thirty years ago.

My exposure to music began in my mother’s womb when she would dance around the house. She and my father met at the Ritz Ballroom dance hall in Bridgeport CT in 1948. I was further captivated with music when my older cousin would have me listen to the grooves of the late fifties and pre-Beatle early sixties. I loved and danced to the soul music of the sixties. After “turning on”, I tuned into the “head music” of the later sixties and early seventies. I attended Woodstock in 1969 and to this day I consider it a watershed cosmic event of the Baby Boomer generation. I worked for two radio stations in CT and played free form alternative tracks. Later, while many of my peers distained the arrival of Disco, I loved the way it engaged my body and mind.

I am grateful that I have a discriminating ear and can appreciate genuine audiophile recordings. I spent years perfecting an audio system that I am enthralled with whenever I find the time to listen. I invested the last thirty years exploring the elusive art and science of sonic perfection. Now I want to focus on being more of a musicophile and musicologist. So this is my quest and I will strive to help us all better explore and appreciate the world of music.

Jimmy James Forte

San Francisco Audiophile Society

San Francisco Audiophile Society