Rohit Khaladkar

Note from Alón:
We’re happy to introduce the newest addition to our Leadership Team, Rohit Khaladkar. As Director of New Enthusiasts (a temporary title), Rohit will serve as our liaison to the growing ranks of young audiophiles.
A little of his history, from Rohit himself:

Growing up in India during the Internet boom I was exposed to a lot of great media from a young age – it started with cartoons and transitioned to music. While everyone else was obsessed with contemporary Bollywood music,  I was on this quest discovering music from another era – Indian Classical, vintage Bollywood, Blues, Heavy Metal and of course Rock & Roll. After developing an interest in Signal Processing during undergrad I decided to pursue grad school at University of Southern California which is renowned for courses tailored towards audio/video technologies, likely because of  it’s proximity to Hollywood 🙂 After that I really began to understand the recording process and the took a keen interest how different sounds are achieved. I began to understand and appreciate the variety of drum sounds from Beatles’ Revolver, Rolling Stones’ Let it Bleed to Nirvana’s In Utero and beyond. Being a guitar player myself I began experimenting with different sounds and how they were reproduced on tape.

I did an internship in Emeryville in 2012 and was just awestruck by what the Bay Area had to offer in terms of sights and sounds. I began my professional career by moving to the Bay Area in 2014 thereafter and joined Dolby Labs in 2017. I was bitten by the Vinyl bug by then. I had never even seen an LP before but was fascinated by this antiquated but still relevant technology. Since then I have spent countless hours sifting through record shops wherever I go and listening to LPs as I admire the artwork and browse the gatefolds for tidbits of information about the recording and the artist.
I discovered SFAS by chance and decided to attend one of their events, where I found people obsessing over speaker positioning and interconnects. I knew right away that these were my kind of people. Since then I have been enjoying learning more about this niche hobby as I save up for a nice hi-fi home setup! It would be wiser if saved up for a home instead first, but oh well…
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