Bob Walters’ System



The main components are:


  • Oppo DV-980H (for video only)
  • SlimDevices Transporter (soon to be modded with clock/Class A out)
  • Oritek DAC
  • Pioneer DV-58AV w/EVS mods
    • None
    • Oritek Prototype w/Stepped Attenuator
    • Packard Bell EL84 SE amp (4 wpc)
      • …extracted from 1960 console, moddedaleph-jr.jpg
    • Packard Bell EL84 push-pull (12 wpc)
      • …extracted from 1960’s console, mods in progress
    • Curtis-Mathis “High Fidelity System” EL84 PP Receiver (14 wpc)
      • …vintage piece restored by Ori [my current tube reference amp]
    • VTL/Manley Labs EL34 “Signature” Monoblocs (35 wpc)
      • …with Mundorf Silver/Oil caps, reduced voltage and gain
    • Antique Soundlabs (ASL) 1006-DT2 (845) SET Monoblocs
      • …with Hovland coupling caps and reduced feedback and gain
    • Pass Labs (Rawson clone) Aleph-3 SS Class A (30 wpc)
      • …can heat a whole house – more than the 845’s [current SS reference]
    • Pass Labs (Rawson clone) Aleph-J Jr SS Class A+ FET (10 wpc)
      • …tubier Aleph-3 that runs cool(er)
  • Cables
    • Oritek X-2 interconnectsel84group.jpg
    • Oritek X-1 speaker cables
    • Verastarr Experimental Ribbon Power Cables
  • Speakers
    • Tonian TL-D1 1.5-way Floorstanders
      • …Fostex 8″ driver + ribbon supertweeter, modified [current reference]
      • …awaiting delivery on “Classic 12.1S” (Phy 12″ driver + ribbon supertweeter)
    • Usher CP-8571 Dancers
      • …rewired with NOS silver/teflon, Dayton foil caps, soldered connections, and custom phase-coherent crossover networks
  • Other
    • Velleman HPS-40 O-scope
    • elec-bamboo.jpgMarchand Signal Generator
    • Goldline 30MP Real Time Spectrum Analyzer
    • Electric Bamboo Power Conditioner
  • Members can visit?
    • Yes, schedule via email

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    1. •SlimDevices Transporter (soon to be modded with clock/Class A out). Was this done. what were the results. I am intrested in doing something similiar. would appreciate sharing with you your experiences. Thanks

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