New Toy – UpTone Audio’s EtherREGEN, by Albert Dall

Jun 28, 2020

Hello SFAS Board and club members! I hope you all are staying safe and sane during these crazy COVID times.  Happily, the club has adapted to be as active as ever with weekly Happy Hour Zoom meetings,

David Hicks’ New Toy – An Awesome DIY Turntable

Jun 08, 2020

A DIY (with a lot of help) Turntable

I don’t post new toy write-ups very often, if ever, up until now, so I’m going to throw a whole bunch of new toys into this one post.  

New Toy – David Hick’s Awesome DIY Turntable

May 31, 2020

A DIY (with a lot of help) Turntable
by: David Hicks (and others)

I don’t post new toy write-ups very often, if ever, up until now,

Music to Raise Your Spirits, Don Naples

Apr 28, 2020

Don Naples recommends the April 17th 2020 interview of Dr. Robert Greenberg (a friend).

Dr. Greenberg suggests you join him on Facebook Live with Julie Stoltz of The Great Courses,

New Toy, Soundsmith Sussurro and Blu-Tack, by Kevin Olson

Apr 03, 2020

Greetings. Sorry we are all stuck at home. With all our music and time to listen! Wow!

Just before things changed I bought a new phono cartridge.

Boulder 1008, by Larry Deniston

Mar 29, 2020

My relatively new toy is a Boulder 1008 phono preamp.  It’s a solid state unit with two balanced inputs and two balanced outputs.  I’ve installed an XLR junction box on my turntable to facilitate the use of balanced interconnects from the turntable to the phono preamp. 

Balanced Power, by Larry Deniston

Mar 29, 2020

Balanced Transformers for Power Conditioning

There are many ways to address the quality of power feeding our equipment.  One of our members, Fred S., brought up the idea of balanced power as a solution for cleaning up power. 

Grant Stoner Musings

Mar 26, 2020

Well there’s nothing good about the Corona virus, so let’s make something up to cheer us up a bit.  The one good thing for audiophiles is it’s “forcing us” to stay home and listen to music. 

Music is Love, by Jim Forte

Mar 05, 2020

Music Is Love

As a newly inducted member of the SFAS “leadership team”, I want to talk about music. After all, this is what we all pursue with a passion.

New Toy – Tripp Lite IS1000HG, by Larry Deniston

Mar 02, 2020

In a search for clean power for my system, I remembered a suggestion from Vince Galbo of MSB Technologies during a wide-ranging discussion about the MSB Analog DAC and the importance of clean power.