SFAS unveils New Logo and presentation of Founder’s Award To Alón Sagee

Jun 28, 2021

During our recent Zoom with Frank Doris, the board members surprised SFAS Chairman of The Board, Alón Sagee with the presentation of a Platinum Record Founders Award. The Platinum Record features the world premiere of the new SFAS logo affixed in place as the record label.

The Iconoclast SPTPC Speaker Cable Review

Apr 29, 2021

You Don’t Know What You’ve Been Missing Until You Hear It

The Iconoclast SPTPC Speaker Cable Review
by Alón

If you’ve been an audiophile for,

Topics for the April 26th, 2021 Digital Audio Discussion Forum

Apr 23, 2021


It’s been a while since we’ve had a digital focus group meeting. In that time, David has been busy exploring a number of high-performance, low-cost DAC. He’ll discuss how he measured some of them to better understand how their sound differs.

Tech Talk: Yes, you can play your DSD files on an iPhone!

Mar 29, 2021

In my home stereo, everything digital runs through my phone (or ipad), which I attach to either a Dragonfly Cobalt and from there to the preamplifier, or else to a Pro-ject pre Digital S2 DAC.

Alón’s new toy: UberLight Flex

Mar 29, 2021

I turn 61 this month and my eyes seem to need more light than ever to do their job well.  I’ve always been a warm glow incandescent lighting kinda guy, so when I’m just needing to find a record’s lead-in groove in my dim listening room I can use the warmest color-temperature setting and lowest light intensity setting.

New Toy – Spiral Groove SG 2.2 by Larry Deniston

Jan 26, 2021

Well, doing as I do, several months ago while enjoying listening to my system, I was also thinking about the next upgrade. Where’s the weak link in the current system?

Speaker Cable Questions Answered by Galen Galeis

Jan 22, 2021

1. Is it better to run long cables (RCA or XLR) or long speaker runs? 

It is better to keep the signal at the load end, and not on the cable itself.

RIP Dr. Bruce Edgar

Jan 21, 2021

Another audio legend left our world as Dr. Bruce Edgar passed away January, 2021. His contributions to audio were primarily horn speaker designs and he is best known for the Titan Horn System and Seismic Subwoofer.

Iconoclast Introduction and Cable Comparison

Dec 30, 2020

Iconoclast Introduction and WireWorld Cable Comparison
Albert Dall

Hello SFAS members,

As a lot of you have heard, since spring and Covid shutdown times, I’ve been changing my system around quite a bit.

Smyth Research Realiser A16, Product Review, by jazzfan

Sep 23, 2020

The Worlds Most Advanced 3D Headphone Processor


  • Best 2-channel/multi-channel 3D virtualization available
  • Personalized capture/reproduction of actual measured speakers and environments
  • New feature upgrades available via firmware updates


  • Expect a steep operational learning curve
  • The user interface is less than optimal
  • The small display panel is challenging to read from a distance
  • Optimum performance can only be achieved by taking personal measurements
  • The unit must be returned to the UK for service/repair


Since I began this hobby in the mid-70s,