Equipment Repair and Service

  • Berkeley Stereo has a good repair tech named Kent Leech.  He is especially adept at restoring older tube gear.
  • True Sound in Campbell.  Nick Gowan is a competent technician that works on tube and solid-state gear.
  • Matt Householder, Electrical engineer, works out of home in SF. Works mostly on the older gear (90’s and back). Tube gear and has a real love for turntables.  (415) 516-7562
  • Speaker Re-coning, Audivex, Dan, (510)-527-1391, 1345-A Martin Luther King at Rose, Berkeley. Wed. – Sat. noon to 6:00.
  • Eric Mannon, MCIaudio,  Rebuilding crossovers, capacitor replacement and upgrades, repair of compression drivers and horns, equipment liquidation.
  • Turntable and Cartridge set-up, A/V Solutions, Pleasanton.  Jeff Whitlock is great to work with.
  • Reel to Reel Tape Deck repair and calibration by Bay Area Studio Engineering:
  • Reel to Reel Tape Deck repair and overhaul by the Reel Pro Sound Guys:
  • Nakamichi Cassette Deck repair and service:
  • Scott Frankland – vintage SS and tube gear in San Jose:
  • Stan Bailey repairs tube amps and preamps, 705 Scott Ct Suite A, Novato, CA 94945, T: 415-497-0531,

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    1. Google:
      George Meyer AV ( I don’t have the web address offhand.)
      It’s located at 4844 W. Jefferson Blvd, LA 90016 Ph. 310 820 113
      It’s NOT cheap, but excellent and friendly service. They specialize in high end products. (I had a relatively low end CD/SACD player that they brought back to life.)

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