April 2020 David Snyder Virtually On Streaming


On April 18 SFAS’s virtual event, hosted by David Snyder, was in three parts. For those who have not yet added dedicated network audio transports to their systems or who would like to add more, David demonstrated how to easily make one from ~$50 worth of parts. He also explained both Wi-Fi and wired options. If you have a little bit of a DIY spirit or want to start small, you will find this fascinating. In part two, David and Mitch Barnett discussed the intersection of Streaming and DSP. Mitch literally wrote the book on Accurate Sound Reproduction Using DSP. They explained in clear terms why Audiophiles should no longer be afraid of using modern computing technology to take control of the sound of their rooms and how, when done right, this can lead to a much more engaging listening experience. Even if you’re a little skeptical, they believe you will learn something that may change how you approach high-performance music playback forever.

The discussion is captured on the YouTube stream link below.


San Francisco Audiophile Society

San Francisco Audiophile Society