Event Write-ups

Event: Focus on Single-drivers

May 26, 2008

Our BAAS event this Saturday will focus on high-efficiency, single-driver speakers partnered with “flea-powered” amps.

For those who have not had the pleasure of listening to these minimalist systems,

RR HRx Discography

Apr 01, 2008


Note: BAAS members are the first to know some of this info!


Here is the list of the music we played at the demo (I think we left out #2 on the second demo):


Reference Recordings HRx Stunning Recordings

Mar 30, 2008

Yesterday saw over 30 BAAS members auditioning the stunning new library of high resolution (24/176) recordings based on the Reference Recordings (RR) master tapes.

The ‘BAAS Sessions’

Bybee/Nuforce/VTL event at Audible Arts

Feb 24, 2008

NOTE: Please post your discography as a comment to this post!We had a great event at Audible Arts yesterday.About 40 BAAS members enjoyed over 3 hours of great music/listening,

VTL/Nuforce Event 2/23/08 in Campbell

Feb 21, 2008

Just a quick reminder of our upcoming BAAS event this Saturday at 2PM in downtown Campbell. Attendance will be great – over 35 of you have signed up already.