Event Write-ups

The SFAS Audiophile Educational Events

Sep 24, 2015

The SFAS Audiophile Education Events are designed to offer all of our members the opportunity to be involved in compelling conversations, presentations and demonstrations directly with our industry’s most innovative thinkers –– interactions of a caliber that would be hard to experience elsewhere,

A Wave of Responses From Event Attendees

Aug 24, 2015

Here are a few of the many responses from members regarding the Michael Fremer event on Saturday. If you’d like to add your impressions,

SFAS Hits a New Record with Michael Fremer

Aug 24, 2015

Pun intended (more accurately, stolen from a conversation with Michael).

73 attendees at the Michael Fremer Turntable set-up seminar represented the largest gathering of any SFAS event to date.

Channel D Event Report by David Hicks

Jul 24, 2015

Channel D at SFAS

By David Hicks, SFAS Director of Analog Development

I love the sound of vinyl records, but I’m not a snob about needing to listen to music only on vinyl.

Turntable Guru Michael Fremer is Coming to SFAS on August 22!

Jul 21, 2015

If your audiophile journey has taken you through the wet concrete of the mystifying and sometimes tantrum-inducing task of setting up an analog music system,

Member Feedback: Loudspeaker Event in Boulder Creek

Jul 15, 2015

Our Loudspeaker event with Albert Von Schweikert at Joe and Debbie Hakim’s home in the South Bay was loads of fun! Everyone I spoke with so far agrees with that.

Loudspeaker Day in Orinda – Review by Laurent Heller

Jul 06, 2015

It was a warm and characteristically beautiful morning on June 13th, 2015 as I packed up my little Leben CS-300X integrated and bounded out from my house in Berkeley through the tunnel,

Dan Rubin’s Phono-Stage Event Report

Jun 04, 2015

SFAS members listened to 11 different phono stages at Leslie’s house on Saturday, April 18. It wasn’t the 11 products that made this the most ambitious event ever undertaken by SFAS.

Our First SFAS Analog Event!

Apr 02, 2015

Our first analog event is a Phono-Stage Smackdown, on April 18th. You should have received the registration invitation last week via email.

I’m almost giddy (almost) with excitement about this event…

SFJAZZ Event: Comments From Attendees

Mar 05, 2015

Comments from Attendees at our Inaugural Event with SFJAZZ, Sunday March 1st 2015

I am so grateful to all who wrote in to express their feelings and impressions of this event.