Event Write-ups

The Great BAAS DSD DAC Shootout…

Feb 24, 2013

…and DSD recording session.

BAAS members climbed into the Belmont hills yesterday to observe a live DSD-based recording session and to sample and audition four representatives from the current generation of DSD-capable DACs.

The Great BAAS Budget DAC Shootout of 2013

Jan 10, 2013

Last Saturday, about 40 BAAS members converged on Jason’s house in Oakland for another DAC shootout. (The then-new Berkeley Alpha DAC was the star of the last such event.

Linn Loudspeakers Rock Bay Area Members

Oct 22, 2012

BAAS members enjoyed a pleasant Saturday at the Oakland HQ of Linn Audio.

David Linn, founder and CEO,

A Pictorial History of a BAAS Event – EBTB Pre-launch Party

Aug 26, 2012

BAAS just completed a well-attended (over 50 members) gig featuring the rich product line of Everything But The Box (EBTB) Loudspeakers.

Held at the impressive 1340 Mission building –

Ultra-high-end MSB Digital Source Impresses

Mar 25, 2012

Don Naples of Wood Artistry called me last Wednesday and said that he had the gear from the Axpona show back and asked whether BAAS would like to use it.

A Godel-Escher-Bach Moment: Cello Music Made Geometric

Dec 14, 2011

I don’t think Hofstadter’s “golden eternal braid” book needs much intro – it’s simply one of the most well-read tomes ever on the correspondence between math,

Bay Area Audiophiles Hear the DaVinci 384K DAC

Dec 12, 2011

Last Saturday, BAAS members were treated to a private sitting with the trend-setting DaVinci DAC.

Impressive in both design and specs, members noted in particular the impressive soundstage that the unit projected.

Bay Area audiophiles meet the new Qol technology

Nov 14, 2011

This weekend offered something new few BAAS members, who were introduced to one of the first net-new technologies to hit the high-end scene in years.

Lindemann System Impresses Bay Area Audiophiles

Sep 25, 2011

Jonathan Josephs, head of importer One World Audio, wowed local audiophiles yesterday with an impressive array of mostly-Lindemann components.

Life of a BAAS Event – Photographic History

May 23, 2011

Here’s the chronology of our most recent event:



Then repeat for Session 2, Packup, and Go…