South Bay Open House at Phil’s – June 12, 2021


Please find below the note from Phil to the 25 SFAS members who were lucky enough to spend an afternoon listening to his system and enjoying his hospitality:

“First of all, thanks to all of your carefulness, the clean up was a breeze. In the spirit of completing all of the clean up, I did have to finish the final glass from a bottle of wine (or two).

Secondly, I appreciate the care with which each of you listened to my system, understood the challenge with Room resonance that I am facing and, especially the many helpful hints at how to attack the problem. Beyond that small issue, I hope everyone had fun, it certainly looked like you did. I know that both Phil Jackson and I had a wonderful time and we have already talked about options to work on the resonance. As Phil J pointed out, on certain types of music, the resonance was an improvement :-).

I will continue the effort to clean up that issue and when it is solved, I would like to invite everyone back to hear the results. This is likely to be in the late Summer-early Fall time frame.

And Lastly, to whoever brought the fine six pack of IPA and the bottle of Cote-du-Rhone, we thank you and look forward to hoisting a toast to SFAS and its members.

Phil and Andi”

San Francisco Audiophile Society

San Francisco Audiophile Society