South Bay System Hop, June 29, 2019, by Phil


First of all, a splendid time was had by the host, which was extremely important.  We had a full house for most of the 4 hours that we were open, including a number who had just come from Grant’s house in Santa Cruz, which they clearly had enjoyed.  We had a total of 11 people, added to by a few of the SFAS leadership team as well as Phil Jackson from Parasound.  A number of people brought their own music which was a treat.  The selections that were brought reflected a wide range of musical interests, including a superb Monsarat Caballe, a wonderful Telefunken Bach harpsichord record, some wonderful live Jazz recordings which showed off the room and the system nicely.

People were expecting to hear 2 Parasound JC1s and were surprised instead to hear 2 Parasound JC5s, which I think sounded wonderful.  I would like to thank Phil and Parasound for realizing that SFAS’ South Bay members might really enjoy hearing a rather unusual setup that had 2 Stereo amplifiers driving my speaker in a bi-wired mode, my JC1s are wonderful, but the 2 JC5s are another level of delicious–thank you Phil.

What I enjoyed most was playing music, people asking requests (of which I got a number–including a rendering of Bach’s Toccata and Fugue, which as it often would, showed off how far down into the bass the system could go [or not]).

We had a delightful South Bay day weather wise, and people moved back and forth from the music room out into the garden to sit and have a beer or glass of wine and enjoy chatting with other Audiophiles.  I didn’t get to thank whoever brought the delightful bottle of Napa Cab, but it was very much appreciated and clearly enjoyed.  I think the pictures will show the feel inside of the room, and the fun that was had outside as well.

lastly I want to thank the SFAS members who came for being exceptional guests, it was a joy to have them in my home.

San Francisco Audiophile Society

San Francisco Audiophile Society