System Sunday at Rocco’s

For you, the lucky attendees of our most recent System Sunday in San Rafael, it was a very special day indeed. Here’s a note from Rocco, followed by a list of his components, which many of you had asked for:

Thanks to all who attended our listening session and thanks to Alón for assisting with the day as well as Athena who was a wonderful host.

I hope you enjoyed this event as much as I did. I know that it may have been a bit scattered in terms of flow, I apologize to those who’d rather had a straight listening session. If you’re one of those folks, reach out to me, I’d be happy to host you.

On the other hand, I learned an awful lot. For one, I now don’t feel alone in my search for perfection. I also learned that most of you are way more technically savvy than I am. It was fun hearing your opinions and comments. There are more geeks out there than I thought, and I am proud to be part of that group!

As I mentioned to some of you, I’ve had this current system for about 4 weeks and have only spent about 10 hours in my room before you all arrived. (This is my 3rd iteration in 3 years.)  In fact, we were still moving speakers and furniture the day of our event.

There is still a bunch of work ahead regarding this room – which is always fun. For one, I need to look at my tonearm, consider adding another preamp to help the Burmester process the signal to the 10 amps, as well as look at the network connect to be sure the router can handle the high density of the Qobuz files. The system occasionally gets hung up on downloads greater than1500kBit/s.

Oh yeah, the speakers are not 100% level. I need to take the casters off these 800 lb beasts and put them on possibly, a felt pad that would allow me to use the felt to level the speakers as well as to slide them.

It never ends – but I love it.

Maybe I should experiment with another cartridge???  Just to see……. 🙂

(Photo of Leslie and Grant worshipping the bass)

Here’s the equipment listing you’ve asked for:

2 CAT MBX Tower Speakers – consisting of (4) 12” CAT MBX subwoofers, and the (4) 8” mid-bass CAT MBX drivers.  The (4) 5.5” CAT MBX mid-range drivers, and (2) CAT MBX tweeters are controlled with proprietary CAT MBX analog crossovers (using proprietary CAT MBX coils, capacitors and resistors)

2 CAT MBX 22” CAT MBX subwoofers

5 CAT MBX twin mono block amps pushing 1250 Watts each for a total of 12,500 watts

TORUS Power Conditioner

CAT speaker cables and Interconnects – copper at 99.999%

Vertere RG1 Turntable

Acoustical System Axion Tonearm

Soundsmith Hyperion cartridge with cactus spine cantilever

Burmeister Music Center 111

Burmeister Phono Preamp 100

The Room Design was done by CAT engineering, Hometronics in Dallas and Thierry Migeotte.

San Francisco Audiophile Society

San Francisco Audiophile Society