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South Bay Event at Phil’s House

June 12, 2021 @ 1:30 pm - 5:30 pm


A year ago our last scheduled open house for SFAS members was cancelled due to COVID concerns, but we are now ready to try again.

Those of you in the south bay, or who are willing to travel to San Jose, are welcome to visit.  Due to health concerns, *to attend you must be vaccinated, but beyond that, please come and have fun.  Drinks and refreshments will be provided.

Where:  Details provided when reserving your spot.  Seats are are limited for this event, so don’t wait to sign up and please don’t sign up unless you will be attending.

The room can easily fit 7-10 people at a time, and we can cycle in and out from the music room to the outdoor patio to enjoy a drink or a chat.

Some of you may have been here a few years ago but much has changed since then.

The only two constants are the room itself and the Vapor Joule loudspeakers.  Vapor is a small boutique speaker manufacturer who may, or may not, still be in business, but to my knowledge less than ten pairs of these speakers exist.  As my system has improved over the years, the speakers just keep getting more and more revealing

List of Equipment::

New: Parasound JC1+ mono amplifiers.  These are amazing amplifiers and should be heard by anyone considering new amplification.

Parasound JC2BP Pre-amp and JC3 Jr Phono Pre-amp were both here for the last open house, but as the system improves, they have become more and more impressive.

New: Marantz SA-KI Ruby SACD player, a truly superb CD/SACD player.  Feel free to bring CD’s and especially SACD’s as this player really shows the value of well made SACDs

New: Roon ripped audio and Tidal Streaming system.  David Snyder advised me on how to set this up and what to buy among the various Raspberry Pi systems to run this.  My 30,000 ripped songs have never sounded this good.

New: AMG Giro Turntable.  This is my first reference turntable and it is wonderful.  The system comes with no suspension or damping so I am still working out a few resonance challenges, but it is already a joy.  The current cartridge is an Ortofon Quintet Bronze

New: Power Cords and Speaker Cables by Straight Wire:

Mostly new: Interconnects by Straight Wire, VooDoo Cable and Hapa Cable.

Phil Jackson, of Parasound, has been on a tear this year buying new music– Vinyl, CDs and SACDs so we have lots of new tunes to play for your enjoyment.

We look forward to seeing you live, in real time!!

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June 12, 2021
1:30 pm - 5:30 pm