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      I’m thinking of the next best thing to upgrade my already great system… I recently heard an Accuphase DG-58 (Digital Room Voicing EQ / DSP) at a friends place.. with in on / vs off, the difference was quite noticeable and overall positive with it on.. You don’t know what you’re missing until you missed it, right?

      Anyway, I’m entertaining adding one of these (apparently the new one is out DG68), McIntosh also makes one (MEN220) .. there are many other less expensive options.

      Accuphase recommends this thing is installed between the Pre-Amp and Amp… which adds one more AD/DA conversion in your signal chain, but it’s 100% transparent from what I have heard.

      Anyone have any thoughts?

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      Thoughts? WOW, just WOW! Heady digital room correction gear to say the least. If you are considering this Accuphase unit, it must be going into a very good system indeed.

      I’ve never heard one, so I can’t comment on Accuphase’s implementation. But I’m very interested in your impressions of the DG-58. As you mentioned, there are many lower cost option available. So what does the DG-58 bring sonically to the table beyond the lower cost competition?

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