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      This xv-1s was sent back to Dynavector for a total rebuild, so it was essentially a new cartridge when I purchased it from J.R. at WAM Engineering of Wally Tools fame at the begining of this year. JR did a full analysis on it and built a custom shim allowing for near perfect Azimuth and Zenith. This is normally a $500 service. The analysis and custom shim are included with the cartridge. It had 15 hr’s on it when I purchased it and I have put an additional 50 hr’s on it, so it is just broken in on my SME 20/2 and V arm. All records had been cleaned on my VPI 16.5 before playing. The xv-1s is much better than my prior Kiseki Purple Heart, however it is not quite where I want to ultimately end up so I have an itch to try something else. Listed on AGon for $3000, but I am asking $2700 from SFAF members

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