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      Larry Deniston

      I’m cleaning out some equipment I’m no longer using, let me know if you’re interested, have questions, or want some pictures. I have all the original packaging.

      PS Audio BHK Signature preamp in black
      High Fidelity Reveal Power Cable 1M
      Audience AU23se speaker cable 8′ with spades on both ends
      Spatial Audio M5 Sapphire open baffle speakers
      VPI XLR turntable junction box with wire upgrade

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      Interested! Message sent. 🙂

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      Larry Deniston

      Hi Rob,

      Let me know what you’re interested in and we can chat:

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      Hi Larry,

      I’m interested in the VPI XLR turntable junction box with wire upgrade. I have a few questions:

      What is the specific wire upgrade?
      What is the condition of the junction box?
      What is the price?

      I will check with VPI if the junction box can be installed on my VPI Classic Signature turntable.

      Many Thanks!
      Manuel Dominguez

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      Larry Deniston

      Hi Manuel,

      The wire upgrade is the reference wiring. The condition is very good, no issues what-so-ever. I used it with my VPI Prime for about a year until I upgraged my TT to the Spiral Groove SG 2.2. The XLR junction box with some good XLR phono cables made a marked improvement to the sound quality.

      I’m pretty certain it will fit on your Classic, but would be good to double check. The XLR junction box is the same depth, but a little wider than the RCA junction box. I’d like to get $300 for it.

      Best, Larry
      925 360 1568

Viewing 4 reply threads
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