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      Real Trap Mini Traps (6) and various mounting hardware ($600).

      The Mini Traps are very clean and in good condition. Although I’m not the original owner, the panels don’t have any odor to them, and they have not affected my cat allergy. I believe they have only been used in a smoke, and cat free environment. Panels are white with beige frames. Wall Stands are also beige.

      The Base Kit brackets are unpainted galvanized steel. There are enough brackets (12), and mounting hardware, to mount 4 Mini Traps to a wall or door. The brackets allow the Mini Traps to be mounted with a 3” gap to the mounting surface. It’s also possible to mount them to a ceiling, but an additional bracket is required for each Mini Trap mounted to the ceiling. More mounting brackets can be ordered from Real Traps.

      The other 2 Mini Traps lean against a wall or corner. The Wall Stands are adjustable to allow the Mini Traps to be mounted at various heights.

      I also have 3 factory shipping boxes that each hold 2 Mini Traps. So, shipping is possible, but each box will probably weigh about 50#, and they’re quite large. Shipping cost would be significant.

      I’m located in Sunnyvale.

      Details for the Mini Traps…

      6 Real Traps Mini Traps, list price $240 each, 20# each, 24x48x3”, Shipping box is 52x29x10” and can hold 2 Mini Traps.

      2 sets Real Traps Wall Stands, list price $80 per set.

      Real Traps Post Base Kit for mounting with 3” standoff to walls, doors, or ceilings, 12 @ $5 each (list price).

      $1660 total list price.

      See for full information.

      Bob Wolters

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