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      I always like having options on hand, but it’s time … I must clear out some gear. Posting here first without detailed descriptions or photos, which I’ll supply if you are genuinely interested.

      SOLD. Doge 8 all-tube preamp with MM/MC phono stage and remote control. Box and manual, $700.

      PrimaLuna Prologue Five stereo amp with three sets of power tubes: EL34, KT88, KT90 (the amp auto-biases). Box and manual. There’s a cosmetic issue but the amp works just fine, I’ve had it for a very long time with zero issues. $800$650.

      Pear Analog Robin Hood turntable with Pear’s top of the line Cornet2 tone arm and upgraded motor/spindle. No cartridge. Original owner. Manual, but boxes are in poor condition. $950. Seriously.

      Schiit Yggdrasil DAC, original owner, upgrades available through Schiit. $1200$1000.

      Hypex NC-400 DIY stereo amp with one AC inlet, two Ncore 400 amp modules and two SMPS600 power supply modules, all in a fairly plain chassis with good connectors and wiring used. I built this myself and have around $1800 into it. $600$400.

      Snell Type J-iii speakers. Cabinets and grills show wear but drivers are fine. These sound amazingly good. The version iii of these, which I believe is the first revision after Kevin Voecks took over at Snell, includes tweeter level controls, which have been occasionally feisty and could probably use some attention. No boxes. $250.

      Follow up here or via PM at

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      Thanks for providing an in-home audition for the preamp, Dan! 🙂

      Stay well.

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      Happy to be able to do that, Rob. It’s what I hope for as a buyer, so golden rule and all. Enjoy your new pre-amp!

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