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      Hi all,
      I listened to the last digital monthly meeting and learned enough to know that I don’t know enough about digital accessories to choose wisely. I don’t need the major components, but I do think I need help choosing those items that reduce noise, like the EtherRegen, at my computer. But I’ve also read about replacing the wall warts with a linear power supply like HDPLEX – 200W LPSU LINEAR POWER SUPPLY (NEW VERSION) which I liked because it services more than one component and I have all warts at the Router and the Switch.

      I have this at my computer:
      Netgear Nighthawk R7000 Router
      Netgear Ethernet Switch
      Roon Nucleus
      Berkeley Alpha USB
      Audio Alchemy DMP-1 Media Player and Roon endpoint
      Audio Alchemy DDP-1 DAC which shares the Audio Alchemy PS-5 LPS with the DMP-1
      Audiomat Arpege int. tube amp
      Spendor S3/5 speakers

      Please tell me what I need to buy.

      I also have major stereo systems in my living room and the TV room. Roon can stream to all four of my stereo systems, but I’m told that noise reduction is not necessary when at some distance from the computer. Is that so? I do have a Netgear Ethernet switch at each system.

      Also mentioned was how noisy Ethernet cables can be. I have Blue Jeans Ethernet cables and was told they were particularly noisy. Does that mean I have to buy Shunyata cables everywhere I have a switch? (Ouch!).


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      If you get an EtherREGEN you’ll find that using a Shunyata Ethernet cable, from the ‘B’ side output to your DAC will really help in giving a great result.

      I began with a Sigma and moved to the Omega. My Sigma now resides in the A/V system. But tha one’s a kludge that has a TP-Link mesh feeding a Netgear switch that runs into another EtherREGEN feeding a Sonore ultraRendu that goes into a BADA Alpha USB which finally is wired into a Schitt Yggdrasil, yada yada yada. Source is the downstairs Roon Nucleus. Rest of A/V is Anthem D2V audio processor and 5-way Theta amp into a 5.1 Revel Salon setup.

      Let me know if I’ve confused you sufficiently.

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      I don’t feel overly confused, just trying to find out how much value I will get out of investing in both an Ether Regen AND a Shunyata cable at all three of my systems. Fitting out all three is out of my price range. How much does the Shunyata cable add to the improvement the Ether Regen gives? Is it huge? Or marginal?

      I am trying the Ether Regen now and I feel it improves SQ on my system. I looked into Shunyata based on recommendations, including yours, because I’d like to get an even better result. I was disappointed to discover that the shortest length that can be purchased is 1.5 meters. I have very short runs between my DAC and where I would replace a Netgear Ethernet Switch with an Ether Regen and I really would be happy with .5 meters, but it doesn’t look like I can buy a shorter length. A shorter length would sure help with the price!

      Would it make any sense to get just the Ether Regen for my second system and not add a Shunyata cable? Answering my first question would help me decide the answer to that.

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      One way to find out without making a significant commitment is to borrow cables from The Cable Company https://www.thecableco.com/lending-library
      For a nominal fee you get to spend a week or so testing a cable like the Shunyata Alpha https://www.thecableco.com/alpha-ethernet-cable.html for example. Their pricing is better than list if you decide to purchase, once they apply their “Frequent Flyer” discount. I only have experience with the Sigma and now the Omega. Much is system dependent. You will get what you pay for, but you want to avoid overkill. Might want to contact Shunyata and ask to speak with Richard to help narrow your choice or Steven at The Cable Company. He’s quite knowledgeable on their products and could suggest which cable to try based on what your going to connect from the EtherREGEN. If it’s the DMP and your upstream (preamp/amp/speakers) are capable you should be able to discern whether or not, and how much the Ethernet cable will improve sound quality. And I’d say that Ethernet cables are not inherently noisy — but any electrical noise upstream gets carried along by them. The Shunyata cables work on other design principles. Read the detailed description on their site for the specifics.

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      I talked with both Richard Rogers and Alex Crespi today, in that order. Richard is super helpful and suggested The Cable Company Rental idea which I thought was a good idea, especially considering the much more difficult process of dealing with a dealer too far away and also under threat of Covid. But I also talked to Alex Crespi today on another matter and took the opportunity to ask him about Ethernet cables like Shunyata downstream from the Ether Regen and much to my surprise he said the Ether Regen took care of noise and any fancy downstream cables were unnecessary.

      So maybe I’ll forgo Shunyata cables in favor of buying a second Ether Regen for my TV system.

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      What you heard from Alex is perfectly true. However, what the etherREGEN does is very different from what the Shunyata Ethernet cables are designed to do for the actual signal. There are different categories of noise.

      The specific features that are of concern, and addressed by the Shunyata cables:

      a) reduction of cable induced signal-jitter
      b) reduction of transient energy storage and release which affects phase noise performance
      c) common-mode noise reduction (not differential noise) for the Alpha, Sigma and Omega cables; reduces high-frequency noise distortion and makes digital sound far more like analog while lowering the noise floor.

      So, I urge you to consider trying out the Sigma in your system, even if only a trial. However, wait until you’ve put the etherREGEN into your system, and given it many hundreds of hours of “burn in”. It was surprising to me how long it took to stabilize and integrate into your system. Also, like other devices that incorporate clocking (and there are quite a number of such components in the etherREGEN) it’s important to prevent any vibration from entering the etherREGEN. And don’t be surprised by how hot the etherREGEN seems to get. No problem. Just give it breathing room. I’ve been using one in my main audio system for over a year now without any issues.

      If you’ve questions about these features, get back with Richard.

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      I was afraid it would be more complicated.(LOL).
      In my limited experience, digital always manages to seem very complicated!
      That said, I like your advice and thank you for it. I will wait the many hours you suggest before trying a cable and also think of a way to position the Ether Regen so it won’t vibrate, or actually pin it to something that won’t allow it to vibrate. Maybe I could tie it with a string to the top of a brick?

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      Best to just think about the physical contact points and mitigate these. I think another member of the group mentioned a site that offers isolation options https://herbiesaudiolab.com/collections/component-isolation and I also place some weight on top. Others use heavy heat sinks on top that are doing both isolation and heat absorption. It’s a matter of testing things. At least you’re not concerned with vibration leaving the unit as well as getting in. That’s often a problem with electronics that have fairly large power supplies inside. One thing nice is that the power supply that comes with the etherREGEN is quite good and does not introduce much noise or other problems into the unit. Only other thing to worry about is RFI interference. So, keeping WiFi routers and other such devices from the audio system is advisable. Beyond that, you get into the whole realm of power conditioners and means of mitigating powerline issues in general. Best wishes as you move forward with your system.

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