How to Optimize your Audio System


Do Not Miss This Event!

How to Optimize your Audio System

March 23rd 1-4pm.

Audio Systems Optimized/Stirling Trayle

Last year I found an online audio site called the Audio Beat. I read an article (link below) about making the most of your current audio setup.

Are you really hearing the full potential of what you already own? Maybe not!

Audio Beat hired a gentleman named Stirling Trayle to optimize two different systems.

Bea Lam from VTL brings in Mr. Trayle for both her personal system and for VTL’s demo show rooms.

I followed suit and enlisted his help. My system has never sounded this good.

Stirling will share his methods and tools for optimizing YOUR system.

Do you know how good your existing system can sound?

I know a way to find out.

Come and hear Stirling Trayle on March 23rd at the SFAS clubhouse in The Shops at Hilltop.

Kevin says check it out!

Sign up today!

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