It’s Time.


Time to take SFAS to the next level. The web site is ready. All glitches that have shown themselves so far have been resolved. We’ve had a succession of sold-out events, just had a fabulously successful debut at CAS. Now we’re ready to rock it out online!

For this next phase, we need your participation. If you are a BAAS member who has not yet registered on this new San Francisco Audiophile Society web site, please take up our invitation to do so now. The membership dues are now $25 per year. Let’s move forward together. Click the image to register.


To be sustainable, any community endeavor needs to hit a critical mass tipping point. For SFAS, that means when we have enough members actively involved in posting and connecting to others on-line as well as in person at our events, our on-line community will take on a life of its own. This is a beautiful thing. And it begins with us – each one of us doing just a little bit would get us there… so here goes!

Here’s what you need to know and do to have a great experience with SFAS on-line:

  • Know: This website is your connection to your community. It is for you and your fellow members only. Non-members cannot post messages or send you emails. Only registered members can access our community. All active members are now required to pay annual dues of $25.00 (Exception: recent members who joined BAAS in 2014 will receive a year of free SFAS membership).
  • Do: If you’ve never registered with SFAS, please re-register on this web site (we’re starting from scratch – the old site was a tangled mess from all the fake registrations by evil spammers – who pretty much ruined it). You can use the same username, email and password you used before. Once registered, please “Follow” SFAS to read new blog entries as they are posted. This will become more and more important in this next phase.
  • Know: We’ve designed the forums to be like a community bulletin board. They are not meant to compete with the likes of Audiogon or AudioCircle. Our forums are only for connecting with other local members, getting to know a bit about them, politely ogling their systems, etc…
  • Do: Use the forumsPlease make a habit of commenting, sharing ideas, asking questions, taking an interest, and joining, or even (gasp!) starting discussions on topics you’re interested in. If you have not done this before, I believe you’ll find it very rewarding! Remember to subscribe to any forum or posting you like so that you’ll be notified when someone answers your question or is interested in what gear you’re selling.
  • Know: Without registering (or re-registering) here, you will miss out on all the fun member’s only functions of our website (like the ability to post comments, answer questions, show us your system, and make new friends online that you will actually meet at events, etc…).
  • Do: Please don’t stay silent. Building SFAS into the world-class society the Bay Area deserves is an on-going process, a journey rather than a destination – so if you have ideas for us on how to do something better or more effectively, please write to us. We want your ideas and suggestions, and if implemented, we’ll honor you on this site for sharing your wisdom with us.

Summary (just in case you’re skimming):

1. Re-register through this SFAS site’s Membership Tab

2. Use the forums

3. “Follow” SFAS by subscribing to RSS feed

4. If you have a good idea, make a suggestion

Thanks for being a part of the new energy our Society is experiencing! We’re just getting started. More good stuff coming soon.

I’ll be on vacation starting tomorrow and I’ll be back in the cockpit September 2.

Enjoy the last days of summer,



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