Monster Cable vs Coat Hangers



If you haven’t seen the latest “audiophile cables are hype” saga, click here for the Engadget article (courtesy of RichardT).

On a related note, RichardT (a BAAS member) shares the results of his own informal testing:

Two friends and I recently did a careful test of audio input cables using two high end cables and a worst case pair of beat up radio shack cables. We made a switcher that instantly let us go back and forth seamlessly. Each of us sat in the sweet spot and did the test many times. After listening and going back and fourth, we each found that to some extent we could hear a difference and without prompting identify which cable we were hearing. The rotting radio shack cable beat out the highest end cable by the way. Our conclusion was that the overall sound of the systems (we had two under test, one with tube components running Vandersteens, than Spicas and the other with Magnepans and modified transistor amps,) was determined mostly by the componentry and least by the cables. If you changed a speaker or a preamp, thats a big deal, a hook up wire, not so much. I think it all contributes and I’m not ready to throw away my interconnects and use coat hangers just yet but appreciate the test.

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One thought on “Monster Cable vs Coat Hangers

  1. Regarding the Engadget article, what a ridicules comparison. I can’t possibly hang up my shirts with monster cable.

    O.K. seriously – who proclaimed Monster Cable “audiophile” worthy? Sold alongside Bose speakers at Best Buy establish their competence level.

    Nilay Patel, the Engadget author, should next substitute his power cables with coat hangers. Won’t hear a difference – but will find the results shocking. 🙂

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