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2016 April SFAS Updates

Apr 01, 2016

I’m very excited to announce this month’s event – mostly because we have some really well-informed team members who have extensive experience with Audio Servers, and personally, I can’t wait to learn from them!


2016 March SFAS Updates

Mar 01, 2016

This month’s SFAS event is very timely for me. Having recently moved, I have had my system set up in the new room for a few weeks now… and, of course, I’m still tweaking it. It’s absolutely amazing that it’s the exact same system I had in the previous house, but I can barely recognize its familiar sonic signature — it sounds different! Good, but different.


2016 January SFAS Updates

Jan 01, 2016

It’s about time, right? I know. My apologies. I do, however, have a reasonable excuse for my unusual radio silence: I’ve been deep in the midst of a consuming and completely unexpected move after 11 years in our beloved home in Mill Valley. There’s still a lot to do, but a side from the surreal feeling of being uprooted, I’m just now emerging from the clutches of the sore back and poor diet that seem to come with this relocation package at no additional charge. It’s actually a pretty cool story that turned from our near panic in a crazed real estate market – with SF prices going through the roof, driving many tech executives North to Marin and almost eliminating housing inventory – to an audiophile’s dream come true.


2015 December SFAS Updates

Dec 01, 2015

This will likely be the last update for 2015. And what a year it has been! Just this past weekend, we broke all attendance records with over 100 SFAS members converging on Magico’s new factory and headquarters in Hayward.


2015 November SFAS Updates

Nov 01, 2015

This past weekend’s event with Paul McGowan and crew was an all around success. This was an engaging and fun seminar, which everyone, including the PS Audio team, really enjoyed. If you missed it, don’t worry, they’ll be back! A full report will be posted on the blog soon.


2015 August SFAS Updates

Aug 01, 2015

I trust you are enjoying a music-filled summer with lots of festivals and concerts in the park to indulge in. We’re happy to add to your enjoyment of this season with some great events over the next few weeks. The buzz and anticipation around these events is growing more palpable daily, so if you haven’t yet made plans to join us, now is the time!


2015 July SFAS Updates

Jul 01, 2015

Yeah, it’s summer… but we haven’t been loafing around. Lots of great things in the works and there is much to share with you. We’re all especially excited about tomorrow’s big sold-out event in the South Bay with Albert Von Schweikert! I’m looking forward to seeing many of you there .


2015 June SFAS Updates

Jun 01, 2015

FAS Upcoming events:
June 13th Loudspeaker Event #1 IS SOLD OUT. If you’d like to be on the waiting list for this weekend’s event, please send me an email with “June 13th Waiting List” in the subject line.
July 11th: Loudspeaker Event #2 É.


2015 April SFAS Updates

Apr 01, 2015

There’s no question about it, SFAS is becoming quite a vibrant community. Every event we have put on in the past year has been all about having fun getting to know new friends while exploring deeper into our shared hobby in interesting, educational and enjoyable ways.
Recently, we took we took fun to a whole new level with the SFAS Concert Series at the SFJAZZ center. M embers enjoyed the experience of being out on the town with friends so much that we’re doing it again!


2015 March SFAS Updates

Mar 01, 2015

SFAS Concert Series @ SFJAZZ Center:
Judging by the colorful and varied comments posted on the blog regarding our first concert event at SFJAZZ Center, I can say with complete confidence that it was either a spectacular success, or a dismal failure 😉 Either way, I am impressed that just about everyone that attended posted a comment on the blog. The common denominator seems to be that members enjoyed the experience so much, that they can’t wait to do it again