Roon Done Right, A User Guide, by David Snyder


Two great articles by our own David Snyder.  Here’s the intro to part one and the links to both parts below:

Many people think of Roon as a media player or media server, but it’s neither! Good thing, too, as it would be crazy to spend $120/year renting software to play music you already own, right? After reading this article, you’ll know what Roon is, why you might consider subscribing, and where and how to deploy it like a pro. This is the guide I wish I’d had when I started using Roon six years ago. Even if you’ve never heard of Roon or know nothing about it, you’ll be more of an expert than most subscribers after reading both parts of this series.

Roon Done Right: A User Guide

Roon Done Right: A User Guide, Part Two

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