New Toy, Soundsmith Sussurro and Blu-Tack, by Kevin Olson

Greetings. Sorry we are all stuck at home. With all our music and time to listen! Wow!

Just before things changed I bought a new phono cartridge. I might have an addiction.  But that’s OK. This is the fourth one in 4 years. But the 2nd in 9 months. Oh well.

The Soundsmith Sussurro caught my attention a few years ago in a review by Anthony Cordesman. I trust his evaluations as we agree on many products.  And I picked up a used phono stage. The seller told my it really was amazing with a Soundsmith Sussurro.  I found a new one at a good discount. Hooked it up and no right channel. Rats!  I did some diagnostics (I had been working on my tonearm the day before) and determined it was a bad channel in the Sussurro.  Called the vendor and they had me return it. They checked it the next day and sent Out a replacement.  Hooked it up and hooray, stereo.

I’ve been adjusting the load (got it nailed) and now am slowly adjusting VTA. Sounds quite marvelous but a few more adjustments just to make certain.  Anyways, this is Not a moving coil or moving magnet cartridge. It is a Fixed Coil. Or moving iron if you prefer.  The sound is smooth, detailed and rich. Nothing wispy. Solid images and a great soundstage. Sounds like music to me, meaning not ‘hifi’.

The output is low so you need 60-64db gain and it needs 750ohm load in my system.

This is the best I have ever heard in my system.  Yes, this is expensive IMHO. But I feel I got real value.

And, DAP Bluestik.

Peter Lederman recommends using this inexpensive ‘putty’ to clean the stylus on all his cartridges. He is Soundsmith and he fixes other cartridges as part of his business. Need a new stylus? Broke your cantilever? He can fix that.

So I take him at his word on the BlueStik. I used too much making my cleaning coin. But there is enough in the package to last a lifetime.

I’d invite you all to come over, but alas, not possible at this time.

Play some music and dance.

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  1. Kevin: I’m sure you have seen Mike Fremer’s video on using a microscope and a software to set your SAR which is ever important to get right. Don and I did a it makes a big improvement, plus it is fun learning a new skill. Have fun, be safe and spin vinyl. Bruce

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