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Greetings, everyone! Over the last few weeks, two important individuals have joined our leadership team, and it is with great pleasure that I get to introduce them to you.

First, it is my honor to announce Mr. Dan Rubin as our new Director of Membership Development. Dan has hit the ground running in spearheading preparations for our SFAS debut at the upcoming California Audio Show. Instantly proving himself a leader and team player, Dan took on many show-related responsibilities, including coordinating volunteers who will be greeting new potential members at our Hospitality Suite; designing our room’s audio systems from member-owned components — which in itself is not a small, nor easy task; as well as creating SFAS promotional materials to be used at the show (with help from member Lee Mincy, whose skills with graphic arts are commendable, as you will see!). When you see Dan, please join us in congratulating him on his new post and thanking him for his tireless efforts.

Next, please help me welcome our most recent appointment, Mr. Gary Getman, our new Treasurer and Director of Finance. Gary is in charge of SFAS financial affairs — managing our bank accounts and online PayPal systems, and making sure we don’t over-extend ourselves in spending (which apparently is far too easy) and pay our bills on time. He will also be responsible for reimbursements to the management team and members who incur expenses in their efforts on behalf of SFAS. Gary brings a wealth of competence and professionally to his new post, all wrapped up in a good-natured smile.

Please get to know these fine additions to our team – and thank them for their passion, dedication and above all, for volunteering the time to insure that we can offer the best experience our members can have as part of an audiophile society.

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