SFAS System Sundays, By Alón Sagee 

I love Sys-hops (audio system auditions at multiple members’ homes on the same day). They are fun, educational, inspiring, and build community by increasing interaction between members. I’ve always wanted to find a way to do more of them – however, it’s not easy coordinating the timing and other logistics for these events with multiple venues, driving distances and schedules.
So, I’ve been thinking about a solution… something similar, but without the complicated aspect of hopping. I’m calling these events SFAS System Sundays.
SFAS System Sundays will be scheduled for any Sunday –– even on the same weekend as our regular monthly Saturday events. This would be a non-hopping system audition hosted by just one of our members, at their home, at a time that they choose and limited to their maximum number of guests. We would promote that member’s event in The Muse and take sign-ups on our website not to exceed the the host’s space and time considerations. 

As audiophiles, we spend a lot of time, energy and money making our systems the best they can be. Usually, this means there are some expensive components involved. For everyones’ peace of mind, hosting or attending System Sundays is open only to current paid members. At sign-up, attendees will know the city where the system audition is taking place and the time. For example:  San Jose at 2:00pm–4:00pm, 7 seats available. We will send the full address of the host to confirmed member attendees two days before the event by email

After the event, we will spotlight the event with photos and positive comments from attendees in a monthly column in The Muse and in a permanent page on our website –– allowing members to interact and post their experiences on our online members-only forums.

Ready to show off your system as a host? Apply by email here with your name, address and phone number, a overview of your gear,  good quality photos of your set-up, your desired time frame, maximum number of attendees, and indicate if you want to do one session or more and when to end. Each month, we will choose one member to host a System Sunday somewhere in the Bay Area. 

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