So, You Think Your Speakers Are Big?


David Hicks shared this link with me recently. It holds a montage of photos definitely qualified as audio-porn.  I took the liberty of rearranging the photos here, so I could focus on the timeline of just one aspect of this ambitious system. I haven’t a clue who this guy is, but from one audio nut-case to another, I tip my hat to you, mister!

Enjoy the subwoofer build out. If you want to see it all in its random order glory, click here.










3 thoughts on “So, You Think Your Speakers Are Big?

  1. How the heck do you time align those horns? That’s going to be some serious delay – probably have to do that in digital domain – which is a shame with all that nice tube gear to force the use of a digital processor…

    Just goes to show all systems have tradeoffs 😉

    1. Remember, I’m not an engineer, so no laughing at the president. That said, If I’m remembering correctly, isn’t the wavelength of 20hz something like 57 feet long? Maybe he’s trying to achieve that without any time delay adjustments?

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