The First Recorded Music – Edison Was Second


edison.jpgWe were all taught that Tom Edison made the first recordings, using his famous wax cylinders. This recounting certainly fits well with our typical US-centric mindset.

As it turns out, this article in Nature reports that Edison was probably two decades late. It turns out that Edison was probably bested by a Frenchman (Edourard-Leon Scott), who recorded music on a visual medium using a phonautograph.

But did the 1860 phonautograph technology really work, i.e., does it create reproducible music?

Listen to this MP3 for yourself, and come to your own conclusion!

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  1. OK, it may be a mistake to credit Edison with the first audio recording, but Edison was YEARS (like a century and a half) ahead of this Frenchman as far as making a usable system that actually lets you PLAYBACK the recording. To make a recording that has no way to be played back kinda defeats the purpose of making a recording.

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