The Future of Music Videos?


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You must experience this… recording artist Beck has proven that he is, in fact, the center of the musical Universe. However, this time, he surrounds his omnipotent self with almost 180 superb musicians and singers and presents a cover version of a popular David Bowie favorite. Really.

Breathtaking and epic in its sheer narcissism, you just need to see this interactive video that you can actually control. You can modify your experience of the soundscape, perspective and get this: if you enable your computer’s video camera, you can actually control the multiple 360 video camera feeds by just moving your head! Even if you don’t like the music, the music technology in itself is amazing!

But before you click, there are options that will make a difference in your first experience of this, because if your computer’s processor is too slow, this will not sound or look right – in which case just click on “Linear Cut” and “Stereo” instead of the HD options. Then, put on your best headphones, as it’s a binaural recording (if you’re unfamiliar with binaural technology, it’s a recording technique that uses a human-sized dummy head with microphones in each ear to mimic more closely how we naturally hear our world). Choose the HD download, it’s worth the wait.

Discussion topic: Is this type of music video crossed with video game the future of music? Are they trying to distract us from the poor quality sound with interactivity? Chime in with your thoughts by leaving a comment to this post. Let’s start some conversation on this.

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