The Most Acoustically Advanced Concert Hall Designed by Algorithm


Screenshot 2017-01-16 23.31.45Screenshot 2017-01-16 22.54.10

This is the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg, Germany. It just had its grand opening a few days ago, after tallying up a cost-to-build tab of $843 Million. Aside from the sheer beauty of the hall, it is praised for having incredible sound because designers didn’t just employ digital room correction techniques… they used a computer algorithm to create the acoustic response of all surfaces, the walls, ceiling, etc… the surfaces feature over 1 million computer-generated divots to shape sound within its main auditorium.Screenshot 2017-01-16 23.01.27

Do I hear “SFAS Field Trip to Hamburg?” Click on the bowtie of the third violinist in the photo above (yeah, the one with the nice Guarneri) to watch the beautiful hi-rez video of the opening concert of a few great selections, my favorite of which was their rendition of Ode to Joy. And wait ’til you see the light show!

Google image search will bring you more stunning photos. Enjoy!

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