This Might Make You Shed a Tear or Two…


Music has its way with me… I can’t help it. Even an online video of a stellar performance heard through computer speakers can get me glassy-eyed. Early this morning, this did it. Thanks to Bob Walters for sending this over.


Screenshot 2015-02-05 08.18.25


2 thoughts on “This Might Make You Shed a Tear or Two…

  1. Wow, that was trippy. I was confused as to how a young Neil Young could be playing on Jimmy Fallon, and then even more confused when Neil came in and sat beside himself. The give away for me was the crowd cheering the young Neil in the beginning before the old Neil came in. That and the lack of a true Neil Young falsetto. But I loved the effect.
    After having heard the Live at Massey Hall album where Neil explains how he wrote the song, and then imagining Neil next to a younger version of himself, this was just timeless.
    Thanks for posting this!

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